Long trip

Summer Lake Hotsprings

Private Resort

295 miles


Paved Roads

Paisley, OR


Peace at last.

How many times have you heard “what a year” lately? Stress may be an overused diagnosis and even word, but it really best fits a description of what we collectively felt from pandemic to politics. Finding a way to unwind, exhale, and put it all behind sounds like heaven. Fortunately, you live in the Pacific Northwest that offers a multitude of options to commune with nature, slow down to listen to the trees, and get your sanity back. A favorite way to find that inner peace is with a visit to Summer Lake Hot Springs.  

Solitude meets sunrises and sunsets, and never-ending starry skies. 

Located in Lake County, aptly named for its many large alkali lakes, Summer Lake holds ancient artesian hot mineral springs. If seeing the words “hot mineral springs” causes you to loosen your shoulders, breathe deeply, and feel a sense of calm, you obviously know the appeal of this place. The steady 106 to 118-degree natural springs stand ready to envelope you in warmth and serenity. 

But here the hot springs are just one feature of the 145-acre resort that entices visitors. The wide-open scenery alone is worth the trip. The resort boasts there is no light pollution at night 50 miles in any direction. Solitude meets sunrises and sunsets, and never-ending starry skies. 


The resort has eco-friendly, geothermal heated cabins and guest houses or there’s a campground for tents and RV’s. The rentals have kitchenettes, but there are no TV’s, or WiFi and cell phones have limited reach. No connections or distractions ensure a fully peaceful stay and also help keep the resort’s green theme. This place even hangs the clean towels out to dry on a line so you can wrap in towels dried by gentle summer breezes. 


A large indoor pool and several outdoor rock pools are the main amenities for your weekend of Zen. If, however, you need more heart pumping action than you get sitting in a rock pool watching the clouds go by, hike about 30 minutes down to the Summer Lake basin. You can also hike to winter rim or rock escarpments for a great view of Summer Lake. 

Still need more? The area is a convenient drive to other nature-inspired landmarks like sand dunes, and even petroglyphs. And while 2020 put a damper on activities at the resort, there are plans to bring back regular workshops that enticed many visitors through the years. Yoga and dance, writing and archaeology, sustainable building, and photography, were once regular events, from small workshops to festivals. Check the website or give the owners a call to find out what’s happening.

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