What is the electrical system?

Cars are controlled by a system of wires, computers, and sensors. The newer the car, the more their components are controlled by computer. This can include air conditioning, alternator, battery, starter, headlights & dashboard lights, seats, windows, and doors. When communication within the system is disrupted, many problems could arise or appear to be larger problems than they are.

What are the symptoms of an electrical problem?

Dead battery

Burning smell

Lights dim & brighten

Problems starting car

Is this covered by our warranty?

1 day repair time

Maintenance at 30,000, 90,000 & 150,000 miles

What’s at stake if I don’t fix my electrical problems?

Many electrical problems can appear to be a larger issue than they are because they cause many other components to appear to be failing when they would be just fine. A damaged wire will cause whatever is at the other end to fail. A damaged wire can also drain your battery, which will cause your car to not start. This can also cause unnecessary wear on the starter and the battery.

Dead battery

Worn down parts

How to know

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