What is suspension service?

Having a bouncy bumpy ride? Your springs, shock absorbers or struts, and linkages could be worn out causing you to bounce down the road after every bump.

How do I know I need to get my suspension fixed?

Bouncy ride

Pulling or drifting during turns

Dips or nose-dives when stopping

Uneven tire tread


Creak and groan noises

Is this covered by our warranty?

1 day repair time

Maintenance at 50,000 and 100,000 miles

What happen's if I don't get my suspension fixed?

Your suspension is supporting several tons of metal. It's not just about a smooth ride, it can affect your ability to control the vehicle while stopping or turning. An uneven suspension can also cause extra wear on your tires.

Unable to stop as quickly

Less control over steering

Unnecessary extra damage

How to know

Here's some how-to's

Let's get started.

Our approach is simple. We help you get the most out of your car by matching your goals and mileage to create a personalized plan.

1. Get your car tested.

2. See a list of repairs.

3. Choose what's fixed.

Need help?

Give us a call.

Tell us—what are you experiencing? We’ll give you our recommendations, and if you choose, bring your car in and let us run a few tests.

Let us know that Otto sent you and we’ll give you a free hat!

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