What is an oil change?

An oil change is swapping out old oil for fresh new oil, replacing the oil filter and checking other fluid levels. This keeps your engine parts running smoothly. It's a good idea to change your oil often if you carry heavy loads, let your car idle, drive short distances, drive in dusty areas, or go off-roading.

How do I know I need an oil change?

Bad odor coming from vents

Black smoke from exhaust

Burning smell

Car shakes, runs & idles rough


Is this covered by our warranty?

1/2 day repair time

Maintenance every 5,000 miles

What happens if I don't change the oil?

Having clean oil keeps the engine running without friction. Friction creates extra heat causing the car to overheat. If it is low on oil it can't keep thing lubricated.

Extensive repair costs

Melted engine plastics & rubber


Warped or melted metal

Worn down parts

How to know

Here's some how-to's

Let's get started.

Our approach is simple. We help you get the most out of your car by matching your goals and mileage to create a personalized plan.

1. Get your car tested.

2. See a list of repairs.

3. Choose what's fixed.

Need help?

Give us a call.

Tell us—what are you experiencing? We’ll give you our recommendations, and if you choose, bring your car in and let us run a few tests.

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odor coming from vents, black smoke, smoking, exhaust, burning smell, bad, shakes, idles rough, runs rough, overheating, high temperatures