What is an alternator?

An alternator powers the electrical system of your car while also charging the battery. Most people think that the battery is what provides power to the car's electrical system, but in reality it's the alternator doing most of the work to keep thing like the radio, wipers, and headlights. The battery is used mostly to start the engine when the ignition is turned. However, some hybrid vehicles do not have an alternator, they use a different system to power the car.

What are the symptoms of a bad alternator?

Loss of power

Lights dim & brighten


Grinding or growling sounds

Burning smell

Dead battery

Problems starting car

Is this covered by our warranty?

1/2 day repair

Maintenance every 100,000 to 150,000 miles

What’s at stake if I don’t fix my alternator?

If the alternator cannot recharge the battery then it will cause extra wear & tear on the battery's capacity. This will cause difficulty staring the car, dead battery, loss of power while driving, and brightening/dimming of the headlights when pressing the gas.

Dead battery

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