What is an alignment?

If your car's steering is pulling to one side you might need an alignment. An alignment includes checking the suspension & steering systems, and air pressure & tires. Then the car's placed on an alignment rack, where sensors make corrections based on what's needed.

How do I know if I need an alignment?

Uneven tire tread

Steering wheel crooked

Pulling to one side while braking



Is this covered by our warranty?

1/2 day repair time

Maintenance every 2-3 years

What's at stake if I don't get an alignment?

Your car will handle much better when it's wheels are aligned. An alignment will also save you wear and tear on your tires, making them last longer.

Worn down parts

How to know

Here's some how-to's

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Our approach is simple. We help you get the most out of your car by matching your goals and mileage to create a personalized plan.

1. Get your car tested.

2. See a list of repairs.

3. Choose what's fixed.

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