What is a radiator or cooling system?

The coolant system works to stabilize the engine temperature by distributing the heat. The various parts of the system are the thermostat, radiator, water pump, hoses, cooling fans & belts, and the antifreeze/coolant itself.

What are the symptoms of a failing cooling system?


Coolant warning light on

Temperature gauge in the red

Leaking green fluid

Is this covered by our warranty?

1/2 day repair time

Maintenance every 24,000 to 36,000 miles

What’s at stake if I don’t fix my radiator or cooling system?

If the radiator is cracked and/or leaking it will not be able to cool the engine properly. This will result in overheating and damage to the engine block. A cracked engine block is a costly repair! This can be avoided with regular maintenance like ensuring adequate coolant levels and replacing hoses & belts when needed.

Blown gaskets & hoses

Extensive repair costs

Melted engine plastics & rubber


Warped or melted metal

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