What is a diesel engine?

A diesel engine is simpler than a gasoline engine, with fewer parts to maintain or replace. They use diesel instead of gasoline. They don’t have spark plugs, but use compression ignition (CI) system with glow plugs instead. Turbochargers are standard for better air compression making diesel engines much more fuel-efficient. They're made of heavy duty components, which means they typically last longer. A diesel engine to go up to 750,000 miles between overhauls.

What are symptoms of diesel engine problems?

Black smoke from exhaust

Problems starting car

Acceleration problems

Car shakes, runs & idles rough

Is this covered by our warranty?

1 day repair time

Maintenance every 20,000 miles

What happens if I don't repair my diesel engine?

When a diesel engine isn't properly maintained it can suffer from oxidized oil, low compression & lack of power, contaminated fuel, or even internal combustion resulting in extensive engine damage.


Melted engine plastics & rubber

Extensive repair costs

Blown gaskets & hoses

Warped or melted metal

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