Why is There Smoke Coming From Underneath My Car’s Hood?

Smoke billowing from underneath your car's hood is a clear indicator that your car is at stake. What could be the cause, to start with? A proper check on your car at our repair shop is an ideal alternative in ascertaining the root cause of the dense smoke. Here are some of the reasons smoke might be coming from underneath your car's hood.

Burnt Electrical Wires

It's hard not to be hit by the pungent smell that burnt electrical wires and the insulation material give off. It occurs when there's an electrical failure, especially during an electrical short circuit. The wires have a casing of plastic or rubber, which rapidly melts when subjected to heat, thereby producing the odor as well the cloud of smoke.

Oil Spillage

Oil spilling from your car is a huge loss and an added expense on your budget. Nonetheless, a spill on the engine is catastrophic as it could be a source of fire. The leak of oil is mostly caused by worn-down cylinder walls, leaking valve seals, or worn-out gaskets. Paying close attention while visually inspecting your car's engine will avert the unpleasant blue smoke.

Oil Filler Cap

Does your engine's oil filler cap produce massive smoke upon opening? Degraded valve stem seals and rings are what to look for in such an incident. Smoke is generated when the engine's oil bypasses the two worn-out elements.

Engine Coolant

What could be the culprit triggering the production of white smoke from underneath your car's hood? Corrosion of the radiator is nothing to take lightly. It creates a hole that causes a leak, thus initiating the smoke.

Ignition Timing Issues

When your car burns more fuel than the required amount, the chances are that the ignition timing is off. Improper ignition timing can be noticed from excessive usage of fuel, sluggish acceleration or knocking. A loose or weak timing belt in your engine may alter the ignition timing leading to black smoke being effused.

Smoke is an indicator of serious engine problems that should not be ignored at any cost. If you need engine repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!