What Damage Can Speed Bumps Do To Your Vehicle?

What are you supposed to do when you drive up to a speed bump? If you said speed, that is incorrect! Speeding over a speed bump can do quite a lot of damage to your car. The thud of the car coming down hard after going a bit too fast over a speed bump is only the beginning. It can do damage to several parts of your car.


Your shocks are there to absorb imperfections in the road and give you a smooth ride. They aren't made to withstand the energy that comes from your car going over a speed bump. This can cause them to bend out of shape or leak hydraulic fluid. It can also make them less effective which means you end up with a bumpier ride and less control over your car.


If your car doesn't have the protection it's supposed to get from the shocks, the shakiness while driving will cause leaks in your power steering system and misalign your wheels. Speeding over a speed bump is a mistake that affects your whole car.


The sidewalls of your wheels should never come into contact with the road but they're forced to when your car comes down onto the road so hard. This increases your chances of a blowout, which is super dangerous. Any damage to your wheels can't be repaired. You would have to replace the wheel, which isn't cheap. A brand new set of tires can cost $500 on the low end.

Exhaust System

Your car's exhaust system is located right underneath your car. When you fly up over the speed bump and come crashing down, it's likely that your exhaust system will take some of the hit and may get damaged, which decreases its ability to keep your car quiet and make it better for the environment.

Hitting a speed bump with too much speed is not something you want to be careless about. Pay attention to the road and if you want your car to continue to work properly, slow right down before you get to a bump.

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