What are the Signs of a Failing AC Evaporator?

It's a hot summer day and you have errands to run. You really don't feel like leaving the house, but your saving grace is you have a great A/C system in your vehicle. There are many parts and components that make up the A/C system in your vehicle. One important aspect of your system would be the A/C evaporator. When your car is new, this is an aspect of the system you may not have to worry about. Over time there may be issues that develop and can cause problems with no warning at all. While there may be things that can happen with no warning, there are some signs that you can look for when your A/C evaporator is failing.

The work the A/C evaporator does is harness the cold refrigerant of your vehicle in its liquid state. When it begins to malfunction, there may be a leak. There are some signs that you can look for when this may be happening.

Cool Air Is Weak/No Cold Air Is Blowing

When you have a leak in either your A/C evaporator coil or core has a leak you'll be able to feel it in your air conditioning system. When you have a larger leak your cooling capacity will be reduced.

There's an Odor You've Never Experienced

When there's a leak in the A/C evaporator you'll notice a sweet-smelling aroma. This smell may get intense when you turn the air conditioning on.

The Air Conditioner Compressor Will Not Activate

The compressor in your vehicle is made to circulate refrigerant throughout the evaporator. The compressor is activated only when there is a certain amount of pressure in the system. If there's a leak causing this to be lower than needed the compressor won't activate.

Varying A/C Temperature

Whenever you have a small leak, the cool air may continue. While this can happen if you have inconsistent temperatures this is also a sign the A/C evaporator is failing.

If you notice any of these signs you want to get it handled. If you need your car A/C repaired, give our auto repair shop a call today!