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New Habits We Love (And A Few We Won’t Miss!)

Feel like the world has turned on its head? Yeah, us too. But in spite of all the closings, re-openings, and the new normal – whatever that really is – it does feel like we’ve settled into a groove of sorts. How long things stay this way is anybody's guess, but we’re willing to make a few predictions! Besides, there are some new habits we kind of like and wouldn’t mind continuing. New Habit #1: The Elbow Bump Yes, we miss handshakes and hugs too, but let’s face it, they’re not exactly the best form of greeting during cold and flu season (which is all the time now)! So as awkward as bumping elbows seemed a few months ago, it’s really not so bad and we’ve all gotten rather used to it. Plus, the elbow bump doesn’t feel as silly as touching toes or raising jazz hands in greeting! New Habit #2: Contactless Service We’ve got to admit, we like this one. A culture of caring is something to be embraced and contactless se ... read more

Social Distancing In Your Car

Getting in your car and going for a drive just for the sheer pleasure of the open road is about as American as baseball and apple pie. Well, COVID may have taken away baseball, at least for a while, but baking—apple pies and otherwise—has become a favorite pastime during lock-down, and social distancing from our cars is the thing to do! From drive-thru graduations and celebrations to birthday parties and simple coffee dates sitting car-to-car, our friends, neighbors and fellow quarantines have become quite creative with how to come together and still enjoy some of the hallmarks of daily life. Here are some of our favorites. The Drive-By Party or Party Parade – Have a special occasion coming up, a birthday to celebrate, or just feel like throwing a party? We say go for it! Invite your guests to decorate their cars with happy wishes for the guest of honor, or a fun theme with balloons, streamers, and signs. Then give them a designated time to dri ... read more