New Habits We Love (And A Few We Won’t Miss!)

Feel like the world has turned on its head? Yeah, us too. But in spite of all the closings, re-openings, and the new normal – whatever that really is – it does feel like we’ve settled into a groove of sorts. How long things stay this way is anybody's guess, but we’re willing to make a few predictions! Besides, there are some new habits we kind of like and wouldn’t mind continuing.

New Habit #1: The Elbow Bump

Yes, we miss handshakes and hugs too, but let’s face it, they’re not exactly the best form of greeting during cold and flu season (which is all the time now)! So as awkward as bumping elbows seemed a few months ago, it’s really not so bad and we’ve all gotten rather used to it. Plus, the elbow bump doesn’t feel as silly as touching toes or raising jazz hands in greeting!

New Habit #2: Contactless Service

We’ve got to admit, we like this one. A culture of caring is something to be embraced and contactless service, contactless payment, and contactless shopping are all about caring for customers and keeping them safe. We adopted this habit when the pandemic first hit, and we intend to keep it up!

Check out our White Glove Service to see how else we’re caring for our customers.

New Habit #3: Walks in the Neighborhood

Now, this is a habit we love! When we couldn’t go anywhere because nothing was open, walks in the neighborhood suddenly became the thing to do. More than half a year later and many of us are still getting out and about for daily walks, greeting our neighbors and their pooches with a friendly wave, and generally enjoying what has been right outside our front doors all along. What a nice hangover from the quarantine spring!

New Habit #4: A Return to the Outdoors

Biking, hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, horseback riding… Seems nature has been calling and you’ve all been answering! Social distancing and never-ending zoom meetings have resulted in a surge in outdoor recreation of late as we all yearn to get out and about – especially since not everything has re-opened. So, thank you mother nature and all the sporting goods stores who deliver for giving us so many ways to explore the great outdoors. 

New Habit #5: Virtual Meetings and Meet-ups

Alright, we have mixed feelings about this one. It’s great that we can meet online and the tools to do so have only improved, but we do miss meeting in person. It’s hard to beat hanging out in your favorite coffee shop with a good friend or loved one! Virtual meetings will likely stick around, they are more time-efficient after all, but we can’t wait for get-togethers over coffee in an actual coffee shop without a mask. Which brings us to new habit #6…

New Habit #6: Face Coverings

Putting on a facemask in public is part of daily life now. Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em (does anybody love them?), we are thankful for facemasks because it means a lot of businesses have been able to open again. We also like that facemasks have spawned a cottage industry for many people out of work – some who are quite creative! No, we won’t be sad to see this habit go by the wayside when it is finally safe to let it go, but until then we’re sticking to it!

New Habit #7: Disinfecting & Sanitizing Everything

Nothing like a pandemic to turn us all into germaphobes! Not that this is a bad thing. We actually think this habit makes a whole lot of sense, even in normal times. Wiping down surfaces, properly washing our hands, using hand sanitizer – these are just tenets of good hygiene, and staying healthy. So, we’ll keep doing our part, long after the pandemic is over. 

Here are some of the ways we are keeping our customers safe and their vehicles running:

  • We are open, but our customer lobby is closed.
  • Keys are accepted in our night drop box only.
  • All payments are taken by phone.
  • Free vehicle pick-up and delivery service.
  • Technicians wear gloves while driving any customer vehicle.

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