Need Auto Repair? 7 Ways To Avoid Being Fooled This April

Fooling Around

April Fool’s Day offers endless opportunities to laugh at the expense of others. For co-workers, there’s the old “put a piece of tape over the optical sensor on their computer mouse” trick. (Tip for parents -- this works equally well on game and tv remotes!) Or, try this two-fer: Ask to take a look at someone’s cell phone because you’re thinking about getting that model and then quickly set an alarm and change the language. And here’s one for those who prefer to prank in public. Run into a store and yell, “what year is it?” When someone answers, reply gleefully, “It worked!” and run away.

Car Care Is No Joke

April also happens to be National Car Care Awareness Month. All joking aside, your car is a valuable investment so it makes sense to take precautions when selecting the right shop. And the fact is not all auto shops are created equal. If you’ve been putting off taking your car in for service because you don’t know where to go, take some time this month to give your car the care it needs. We’ve created a list of priorities to help you make an informed decision. When you’ve narrowed your choices down to your top two or three companies, check them against the items below and see how they stack up. You know what they say: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I must not have done my research.

How To Find A Shop You Can Trust

Before putting your car in the hands of some random garage, do a little digging. Remember, you’ll be doing business with this place every time you need to service or repair your car. Look for a shop you can see developing a long-term relationship with.

  1. How are customers treated when they call or visit the shop?

Our goal is to provide great service and deliver as promised so we can be your preferred garage. We strive to provide a clean, tidy, and friendly environment that makes you feel welcome every time you come in. And all team members abide by Sherwood Auto Repair’s Code of Ethics that outlines our values and business principles.

2. Is the shop female-friendly?

Ask Patty Logo

Sherwood Auto Repair is proud to be “AskPatty Certified Friendly®.” There are many women who feel uncomfortable dealing with auto repair or have had less-than-ideal experiences in the car industry. Sherwood Auto Repair wants to assure women that won’t be the case with us. By participating in training and certifying with AskPatty, an online resource that provides automotive research and advice, we’re helping change the way women view and experience auto repair. Our reputation depends on our honest approach, quality service, and respect for our customer. Come see why we’re different.

3. Do they offer a warranty?

We perform quality work and stand behind it with our 36-month or 45,000 mile warranty. It’s what we’d expect if we were a customer. Some shops “say” they have a warranty, but will they honor it? We take pride in our work and believe a promise is a promise. Our commitment and integrity lead to customer satisfaction, and happy customers are some of our best advertising.

Female Friendly Image

4. Do they hire certified technicians?

We only employ qualified technicians who are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, ASE. Our experienced staff stays up to date on the latest technology and equipment so customers can always receive the best service possible.

Come see why we’re different

5. Do they communicate clearly and provide written estimates?

Sherwood Auto Repair knows that trust is earned. We encourage customers to ask any questions they may have about our diagnostics and recommended course of action. Customers should expect clear communication and the time it takes to fully address their concerns. We provide written estimates and obtain prior authorization before any work is performed.

6. Is the shop well-established?

Businesses come and go. In fact, about 50% of them don’t make it past the second year. To stay in business a company has to maintain high standards and provide that same level of service consistently. Sherwood Auto Repair is a family-owned business that started back in 1986. Our customer-focused approach and quality workmanship have allowed us to become an established and respected part of our community.

7. What do other customers say about the business?

While we’re very proud of our team, our work, and our ethical approach to quality auto repair, we may be somewhat biased. As a consumer, it’s in your best interest to do a little research. Ask around and read reviews to see what others say about the shops on your list before making your final decision.

Sherwood Auto Repair knows car owners have a choice when it comes to selecting a shop. We strive to make that decision easy by being upfront and delivering the kind of service we know our customers deserve.