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Back To School Car & Driver Safety

Have you noticed an increase in traffic lately? Does it seem like the whole neighborhood is having a meeting at the corner bus stop every morning? Have you heard the bells ringing? Yup, school is back in session! Bright yellow school buses are on the roads, parents and their kiddos are waiting at bus stops, children are skipping merrily (or maybe trudging along – LOL) through neighborhoods to and from school, crosswalks are extra busy again and school safety zones are back in effect. We hope we don’t need to remind you to drive safely and keep an eye out for the little ones and teenagers, but it never hurts! And since there’s more to safe neighborhood driving than simply being aware, here are our top back to school driver safety reminders:  1.    Don’t go around the bus! This should be a no brainer, but when you see the flashing red lights on a school bus – whether you are behind the bus or it’s in the oncoming lane – stop. Too o ... read more