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8 Car “Tips” That Are Actually Myths

Most of us can recall a few well-intended “tips” we were told by friends or family members when we were younger. We may have even assumed they were true, partly because they were imparted with such authority, and partly because we had no reason to doubt them. Here are a few gems that might sound familiar: Don’t sit too close to the TV -- it’ll ruin your eyesight If you touch a toad you’ll get warts If you swallow gum it stays in your body for 7 years Our family pet went to live on a farm where it has lots of space to run and play It seems like even as adults we can use the reminder that just because someone says something, it doesn’t mean it’s true. If only that were the case! (Though Sherwood Auto Repair does have the most attractive customers of any Portland area auto shop). When it comes to car care, some of the myths we’ve been told are just plain false, while others are simply outdated. Myth #1: Take ... read more