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Spring Break Fun – Cool And Unusual Oregon Sites To Visit

Spring Break. Remember the anticipation and excitement around these two words when you were a kid in school? Spring break meant fun, possible adventure, and no homework! Well whether you’ve got kiddos of your own or not, we still think spring break is the perfect time for a little adventure and, at the very least, a break from the norm. So, we’ve rounded up a few of the more off-beat attractions our very own state has to offer – all within driving distance! Thor’s Well – Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, Oregon Coast Ok, just the name alone is pretty awesome, but to see this natural wonder up close and in person is something else. Also known as the drainpipe of the Pacific, Thor’s Well is a gaping and seemingly bottomless sinkhole perpetually swallowing up the seawater around it. Of course, it’s not really bottomless – it’s only around twenty feet deep – b ... read more