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Dreaming Of A Road Trip?

If the past few months of indoor confinement have left you with an acute case of cabin fever, you are a lot like us, and your daydreams are filled with thoughts of getting away. It could be some time before we all start flying to far off destinations and tropical vacations, but things are starting to open up, restrictions are lifting, and road-trips are a real possibility. How lucky that we live in such a natural paradise! With beaches, mountains, high desert, lush valleys, rivers, lakes, and streams, all within driving distance, it’s no wonder the open road is calling! Before you jump in your car, truck, or RV and dash off to the coast, or some other favorite Northwest destination, a bit of pre-planning and prepping is in order. Not just to make sure you are welcome—not every community is open to outsiders yet and many parks are still closed—but to also make sure your vehicle is travel-ready. Of course, the first step is finding out what’s open! Whether you ar ... read more