Monthly Archives: July 2020

Adopting An Attitude Of Gratitude

In the face of all that has happened in our world during the first half of 2020, it may come as a surprise that we find ourselves adopting an attitude of gratitude. Between a global pandemic and a social uprising sweeping across our country, our lives have been thrown into turmoil, to say the very least. Yet, through it all, rather than sinking into a funk of gloom, we have found so much to be thankful for and this has left us, well, in a pretty good mood. So, what has us feeling so good? Well for starters, we are lucky enough to live in a great community—a community that comes together during tough times to support each other and a community that isn’t afraid to stand up for what is right. We are grateful for this. We’re also fortunate to have an army of frontline workers and businesses who have remained open to make sure we can still get the goods and services we need. We are grateful for this too. And we are especially grateful for you, our loyal cus ... read more