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Car-Care Tips For College-Bound Drivers

Whether your student is heading back to college after the summer break or just graduated and heading off to college as a freshman; it is important that they take care of their vehicle's maintenance before they hit the road to ensure a safe arrival this fall.  College students are often so busy getting to and from classes they forget to take care of their car’s basic needs. Which is why now is the best time to get all of their annual car care done before classes begin.  How’s your AC? If you’re feeling the heat - give us a call for an AC inspection or repair. Here are a few basic tips that you can help your college student get done or (if you’re looking to give them their first taste of independence) you can just hand this off to them to take care of - #1 - Two Weeks before they Leave  Schedule your college student’s car inspection at least two weeks before they head off to school; be ... read more

Family Fun From Your Friends At Sherwood Auto Repair

July is a special time of year for many of us. It’s sandwiched perfectly between the month spent wrapping up one school year, and the month during which we busily prepare for another. July epitomizes the season, reminding us of all the great things we love about summer: fireworks, barbecues, festivals, swimming, parks, beaches, camping, long days and starry nights. Sherwood Auto Repair is a family-run business that’s been a part of this community since 1986. Our families have grown up together. Over our 30+ years here tiny people who once toddled around our lobby have grown into customers with cars and families of their own. We love being longtime Sherwood residents and are taking this opportunity to share several wonderful activities happening over the next few weeks right here in our own community. Links provided offer complete event details. July 5-15: Miniature Castle ... read more