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Car Tech: The Future Is Here!

It seems like technology changes so fast, the phones we buy today are already old by the time we figure out how to use them! We are witnessing advances at an unprecedented pace, and the changes in automobile technology are no exception. Manufacturers are constantly improving their high-tech driver assistance systems. There are currently no fully autonomous cars on US roads (yet), but some of the new driver assistance systems out there come pretty close. Car tech trends are designed to make driving easier and safer for the humans behind the wheel. Some features already come standard. For those of you still rocking a flip phone, the trends we’re highlighting today may just blow your mind. It’s okay. Even those of us who see the technology first hand are regularly amazed. Cars That Park For You Here’s a technology that makes us all look like expert parallel-parkers! Self-parking hasn’t been around very long. The purpose of self-parking ... read more