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Car Love 101: Little Things Matter

Ah, February, the month of hearts and flowers, chocolate, romantic dinners, and cupid’s arrows. Well, that’s the Hallmark Valentine version anyway. Not that we have anything against Valentine’s Day or any of its traditions, quite the opposite, in fact.  Wouldn’t you agree, though, that it’s really the little things throughout the year that make the difference, not the grand gesture once a year? Well, the same holds true for how you care for your automobile! When you take care of your vehicle regularly, showing a little love with the little things that matter, your car will drive better, last longer and reward you with lower maintenance bills in the long run. If you’re a bit out of practice with car love, here’s a quick lesson! Buy your car a drink. That’s right, cars get thirsty too, and not just when they run low on fuel. When was the last time you checked or replaced the rest of your car’s fluids? Oil, transmission, steer ... read more