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Car Ads That Scored During Super Bowl LII

Since 1986, Sherwood Auto Repair has been here for you, your family, and your car. We’re continuing a 30+ year tradition of treating our customers like family, and delivering the kind of service we’d expect to receive. Like many of you, we recently took part in another tradition -- Super Bowl LII. There’s something special about an event that brings families and friends together to root for their team, dive in to a table full of Super Bowl snacks, watch (mock) the halftime performance, and see the most expensive commercials of the year. We paid special attention to the car commercials this year to see which ones we liked, and which ones dropped the ball. Here’s what we thought about a few from this year’s collection. Lexus: “Long Live the King” Lexus decided to target the Marvel Comic audience with their spot this year. With a tie-in to the new movie, Black Panther, Lexus wants you to know -- if you dri ... read more