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Car Essentials To Get You Through The Holidays And Beyond

Does your family debate the official start of the holiday season?  For some, it starts as early as the first signs of Halloween. For others, Thanksgiving is the kick-off. Retailers might argue the holidays actually begin in July when Christmas seems to hit store shelves. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of holiday traditions, one thing is certain – with the holidays come lots of trips in the car. Trips to the store, trips to the mall; trips to the airport, across town or across the state. While we may not all agree on the official start and stop of the holiday season, we can agree that if winter hasn’t hit yet, it is just around the corner. Which is why the holidays are actually the best time to think about getting your car ready for the wintery weather and road conditions that are sure to come.  To help you out, here’s a quick winter essentials checklist for your vehicle. Top 5 Car Essentials Checklist for Winter ... read more