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3 Things Every Car Owner Should Know How To Do

Did you know there are more than 250 million registered vehicles in the United States alone? While this figure does include cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and other motorized vehicles, it’s still pretty impressive given our country’s population is around 325 million. And yet studies reveal only about 47% of us feel certain we could jump-start a car, and even fewer of us know how to change a tire. In this post we’ve provided a handy guide with the steps you’ll need to: Change a TireJump Start Your CarCheck Your OilSherwood Auto Repairwants you to have the information you need so you can be more confident when one of these situations arises. Feel free to print this out and put it in your car for future reference. We hear you millennials out there are saying, “But, why? I can always Google or YouTube that.” You sure can! Except when you can’t. What if you wer ... read more