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Back To School Car Care Tips: Can You Pass Our Pop Quiz?

It’s that special time of year when we say “so long” to summer and begin looking forward to our beautiful autumn season ahead. Before you proudly watch as your dedicated offspring recommit to achieving their academic goals, we’ve put together a special Pop Quiz to share with them. These examples of just how NOT to care for your car are based on (embarrassingly) TRUE experiences. We hope the stories spark conversation and help your young adults learn the right way to maintain a vehicle and stay safe. Bad Habits 101, A Refresher Ever cram for a test at the last minute only to realize if you’d have started earlier and worked a little at a time you’d have done way better? A key to living a great life is developing good habits. College is an ideal time to reassess what you used to do as a kid and decide the kind of adult you’d like to be. You’re young enough to adjust course and redefine your approach to health, homework, relationships, cleanliness ... read more