Adopting An Attitude Of Gratitude

In the face of all that has happened in our world during the first half of 2020, it may come as a surprise that we find ourselves adopting an attitude of gratitude. Between a global pandemic and a social uprising sweeping across our country, our lives have been thrown into turmoil, to say the very least. Yet, through it all, rather than sinking into a funk of gloom, we have found so much to be thankful for and this has left us, well, in a pretty good mood.

So, what has us feeling so good? Well for starters, we are lucky enough to live in a great community—a community that comes together during tough times to support each other and a community that isn’t afraid to stand up for what is right. We are grateful for this.

We’re also fortunate to have an army of frontline workers and businesses who have remained open to make sure we can still get the goods and services we need. We are grateful for this too.

And we are especially grateful for you, our loyal customers. You are the reason we have remained open. Your safety and well-being matter to us and we thank you for entrusting your vehicles to our service team.

Of course, if you asked the researchers who study these things, they would likely tell you that adopting an attitude of gratitude can have the power to energize you, bring a lighter feeling of hope and help you cope during hard times. We couldn’t agree more.

No one will fault you for not feeling very grateful when life is upside down, but if you want to have a more optimistic outlook focusing on the things to be thankful for just might be the ticket. And if you need a little extra inspiration to switch your way of thinking, here are a few tips.

  1. Start small. Appreciate the little things in life and take pleasure in the small moments that make you smile.
  2. Practice mindfulness. Spend a few minutes every day intentionally thinking about the positive things in your life. Do this consistently and, like anything else, eventually, it will become a habit.
  3. Keep a gratitude journal. This can be as simple as a daily list (or even one thing daily) that you are thankful for. Hint: Write in your journal right after tip #2!
  4. Give back to your community. Volunteer or help out a neighbor. They say it is better to give than receive, but this isn’t a matter of etiquette. Giving actually makes us feel better.
  5. Practice kindness. Even small gestures like smiling, waving, holding the door for a stranger, can make us feel a little better for having done something nice.
  6. Do things that make you happy. Ultimately, we create our own joy, so it makes perfect sense that we should do the things that make us happy. Plus, it’s a lot easier to be grateful when we are also joyful.

Want to know another secret we’ve learned about gratitude? It’s easier to be joyful and full of hope when you have gratitude. So, here’s a big thank you to our friends, neighbors, and customers. You give us a lot to be grateful for and it feels good!

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