Let Us Make Something Perfectly Clear…

Visibility is Vital Fall in the northwest is a season filled with beautiful colors, snow-covered vistas, crisp breezes, and pumpkin flavored-everything. It also means shorter days, foggy roads, and rain. Lots of it. So before you get caught up in all the fall festivities, take time to address any problems with your car that may limit your visibility. We want to make sure your automobile is ready to safely carry you and your precious cargo through the busy holiday season. HELLO DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND* As days get shorter, we end up driving in the dark more often. Now is a good time to inspect your lights to be sure you can see, and be seen. Visibility is vital in any season, but particularly important when facing adverse weather conditions. Don’t wait for A Foggy Day* before making sure you have the best visibility possible. Bring your car in and let us clean your headlamps and fog lights and check that all interior and exterior bulbs are workin ... read more

Extend the Life of your Car - Sherwood Auto Repair

What is your primary goal for your car? Is comfort your priority? Maybe it is just for it to get you from point A to point B safely? For most we find that it is for your car to last as long as possible. At Sherwood Auto Repair in Tualatin Oregon our goal to help our customers obtain the lowest operating cost of their vehicles for as long as they want to drive them. Car longevity (extending the life of your car) is of interest to many car owners and concerns several things: maximum service life in either miles or time (duration), relationship of components to this lifespan, identification of factors that might afford control in extending the lifespan. Barring an accidental end to the lifespan, a car would have a life constrained by the earliest part to fail. Some have argued that rust and other factors related to the body of a car are the prime limits to extended longevity. We wanted to share with you some of the primary factors that ca ... read more