Think You’re A Car Expert? Let’s Find Out!

Think You’re A Car Expert? Let’s Find Out!

Many of our readers got a kick out of our post, 10 Strange But True Facts About Cars, so we thought you might enjoy testing (or expanding) your knowledge about cars. Lots of people like cars. But are you a true autophile? Autophiles are car enthusiasts and tend to know a lot about cars. Not to be confused with audiophile--one who is particularly interested in high-quality sound reproduction--though there’s no reason you can’t be both! Here are some fascinating facts about cars. See how many you know before scrolling down to get the answers. 1. Cars can come with any number of features, but for a decade, one actually came with a picnic table. Do you know which one? 2. Many cars come with navigation systems these days. One car company has raised the bar by offering drivers cutting edge technology (a Multi-Media Interface, or MMI). It does a lot of fancy things, including the ability to experienc ... read more

Back To School Car Care Tips: Can You Pass Our Pop Quiz?

It’s that special time of year when we say “so long” to summer and begin looking forward to our beautiful autumn season ahead. Before you proudly watch as your dedicated offspring recommit to achieving their academic goals, we’ve put together a special Pop Quiz to share with them. These examples of just how NOT to care for your car are based on (embarrassingly) TRUE experiences. We hope the stories spark conversation and help your young adults learn the right way to maintain a vehicle and stay safe. Bad Habits 101, A Refresher Ever cram for a test at the last minute only to realize if you’d have started earlier and worked a little at a time you’d have done way better? A key to living a great life is developing good habits. College is an ideal time to reassess what you used to do as a kid and decide the kind of adult you’d like to be. You’re young enough to adjust course and redefine your approach to health, homework, relationships, cleanliness ... read more

Sherwood Auto Repair’s Guide To Summertime Family Fun-In-The-Sun

Summer in Portland is glorious. Portlanders patiently wait for it every year and once it hits, we’re outside squeezing in all the outdoor events, festivals, barbeques, hikes, camping, bike rides, and road trips we can possibly manage. This month we thought we’d highlight fun, outdoor activities families can enjoy together this summer. If you’re a Portlander, your car probably gets a lot of use throughout the summer. Like cold weather, heat also impacts automobile performance. The hot, dry weather affects your battery, tires, fluid levels, windshield wipers, and adds obvious strain on your air conditioning and cooling systems. If you haven’t already scheduled service or a tune-up for your car or hybrid vehicle, give us a call or request an appointment online. GET THE FAMILY INVOLVED IN CAR CARE! In the old days, a nice day meant an opportunity to get your hands greasy worki ... read more

10 Strange But True Facts About Cars

Behold, friends of trivia! Strange, but true facts about automobiles (with bonus links to learn even more). We love trivia. Some members of the Sherwood Auto Repair team can spout sports trivia, others know a little too much about 80s music, we even work with someone who can recite the presidents in order. This month we decided to share our appreciation of obscure tidbits of knowledge. We hope you enjoy these weird and wonderful facts as much as we enjoyed putting them together. Volkswagen owns Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati and Porsche Crazy, right? The Volkswagen group actually has 12 brands worldwide. Click here if you’d like to learn about other interesting car brand mergers and partnerships. What was the first ... read more

Top 7 Tips For Planning The Perfect Road Trip

Summer will be here before we know it. To get you in the planning spirit, we’ve put together our top 7 tips to help all you road-trippers out there prepare, save money, and make the trip more memorable. Plan, but don’t overplan There are those among us who just feel better when they have every minute planned out. Unless you have a really tight schedule, it’s best to remain flexible on a road trip. You may want to explore a beautiful area or a local may suggest a great spot you didn’t know about. Sometimes the unexpected things turn out to be the most memorable. Bring a map -- yes, the old-fashioned paper kind Let’s face it -- most of us are lost without our GPS devices or phones. It seems we can’t even navigate to places we’ve been before without plugging the address into a device. How did we get anywhere before GPS? Were we just driving aimlessly until we stumbled upon our destination? In the old days, we used ... read more