Sherwood Auto Repair’s Guide To Summertime Family Fun-In-The-Sun

Summer in Portland is glorious. Portlanders patiently wait for it every year and once it hits, we’re outside squeezing in all the outdoor events, festivals, barbeques, hikes, camping, bike rides, and road trips we can possibly manage. This month we thought we’d highlight fun, outdoor activities families can enjoy together this summer. If you’re a Portlander, your car probably gets a lot of use throughout the summer. Like cold weather, heat also impacts automobile performance. The hot, dry weather affects your battery, tires, fluid levels, windshield wipers, and adds obvious strain on your air conditioning and cooling systems. If you haven’t already scheduled service or a tune-up for your car or hybrid vehicle, give us a call or request an appointment online. GET THE FAMILY INVOLVED IN CAR CARE! In the old days, a nice day meant an opportunity to get your hands greasy worki ... read more

10 Strange But True Facts About Cars

Behold, friends of trivia! Strange, but true facts about automobiles (with bonus links to learn even more). We love trivia. Some members of the Sherwood Auto Repair team can spout sports trivia, others know a little too much about 80s music, we even work with someone who can recite the presidents in order. This month we decided to share our appreciation of obscure tidbits of knowledge. We hope you enjoy these weird and wonderful facts as much as we enjoyed putting them together. Volkswagen owns Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati and Porsche Crazy, right? The Volkswagen group actually has 12 brands worldwide. Click here if you’d like to learn about other interesting car brand mergers and partnerships. What was the first ... read more

Top 7 Tips For Planning The Perfect Road Trip

Summer will be here before we know it. To get you in the planning spirit, we’ve put together our top 7 tips to help all you road-trippers out there prepare, save money, and make the trip more memorable. Plan, but don’t overplan There are those among us who just feel better when they have every minute planned out. Unless you have a really tight schedule, it’s best to remain flexible on a road trip. You may want to explore a beautiful area or a local may suggest a great spot you didn’t know about. Sometimes the unexpected things turn out to be the most memorable. Bring a map -- yes, the old-fashioned paper kind Let’s face it -- most of us are lost without our GPS devices or phones. It seems we can’t even navigate to places we’ve been before without plugging the address into a device. How did we get anywhere before GPS? Were we just driving aimlessly until we stumbled upon our destination? In the old days, we used ... read more

April is National Car Care Month

April is National Car Care Month

HAPPY NATIONAL CAR CARE MONTH! Every April the nonprofit Car Care Council celebrates National Car Care Month. Throughout the month they support national efforts to increase consumer awareness and education about the importance of regular car care and maintenance. Check out their website for educational tips and resources. Sherwood Auto Repair supports National Car Care Month by sharing some of the organization's valuable information and reminding our customers to Be Car Care AwareⓇ. April is the perfect month to take care of any overdue repairs that may have come up during the winter months, and get preventative maintenance scheduled in preparation for the busy summer travel season. According the Rich White, Car Care Council’s Executive Director, “A vehicle is a major purchase for most people, s ... read more

Car Ads That Scored During Super Bowl LII

Since 1986, Sherwood Auto Repair has been here for you, your family, and your car. We’re continuing a 30+ year tradition of treating our customers like family, and delivering the kind of service we’d expect to receive. Like many of you, we recently took part in another tradition -- Super Bowl LII. There’s something special about an event that brings families and friends together to root for their team, dive in to a table full of Super Bowl snacks, watch (mock) the halftime performance, and see the most expensive commercials of the year. We paid special attention to the car commercials this year to see which ones we liked, and which ones dropped the ball. Here’s what we thought about a few from this year’s collection. Lexus: “Long Live the King” Lexus decided to target the Marvel Comic audience with their spot this year. With a tie-in to the new movie, Black Panther, Lexus wants you to know -- if you dri ... read more