April is National Car Care Month

April is National Car Care Month

HAPPY NATIONAL CAR CARE MONTH! Every April the nonprofit Car Care Council celebrates National Car Care Month. Throughout the month they support national efforts to increase consumer awareness and education about the importance of regular car care and maintenance. Check out their website for educational tips and resources. Sherwood Auto Repair supports National Car Care Month by sharing some of the organization's valuable information and reminding our customers to Be Car Care AwareⓇ. April is the perfect month to take care of any overdue repairs that may have come up during the winter months, and get preventative maintenance scheduled in preparation for the busy summer travel season. According the Rich White, Car Care Council’s Executive Director, “A vehicle is a major purchase for most people, s ... read more

Car Ads That Scored During Super Bowl LII

Since 1986, Sherwood Auto Repair has been here for you, your family, and your car. We’re continuing a 30+ year tradition of treating our customers like family, and delivering the kind of service we’d expect to receive. Like many of you, we recently took part in another tradition -- Super Bowl LII. There’s something special about an event that brings families and friends together to root for their team, dive in to a table full of Super Bowl snacks, watch (mock) the halftime performance, and see the most expensive commercials of the year. We paid special attention to the car commercials this year to see which ones we liked, and which ones dropped the ball. Here’s what we thought about a few from this year’s collection. Lexus: “Long Live the King” Lexus decided to target the Marvel Comic audience with their spot this year. With a tie-in to the new movie, Black Panther, Lexus wants you to know -- if you dri ... read more

Why Sherwood Auto Repair Is Different

WHAT MAKES A GREAT AUTO REPAIR SHOP? Sherwood Auto Repair is family-owned. We’ve been in the business of repairing vehicles since 1986. The '80s were great, but a lot has changed since we paid an outrageous 89 cents a gallon for gas, and first heard Maverick and Goose say the words, “I feel the need...the need for speed.”* What hasn’t changed is cars still need repair, and people still value good customer service. Since we opened in 1986 we’ve seen shops come and go. We’ve become an established and respected service business because we see auto repair differently. We’re business owners, but we’re also consumers. Our approach to auto repair came from asking ourselves what we’d want in a shop if we were a customer, and then we designed the business to reflect that. Whether you’re a current or a future customer, here are some examples of how our customer-focused approach has enabled us to provide quality car repair services for more than 30 years. IT’S PROBABLY YO ... read more

Think About Your Car While Making Your New Year’s Resolutions

YOU DEPEND ON YOUR CAR, AND YOUR CAR DEPENDS ON YOU The holidays often prompt us to start thinking about what we want to do or change over the coming year - maybe we’ll get in shape, spend more time with family and friends, eat more vegetables. When we’re creating this new roadmap for our lives, why don’t we include plans for our automobiles? Thanks to our cars, we take road trips, we take drives, we take friends out. This holiday season, in the spirit of giving, think about adding these resolutions to your list and let’s make 2018 a safer, more enjoyable trip around the sun. Car Resolution #1 - Get Scheduled Maintenance This one may seem obvious but our lives get so busy this task sometimes gets pushed. Keeping up with oil changes and regular maintenance is the best way to keep car parts moving smoothly and prevent dirt and sludge from clogging up your engine. At Sherwood Auto Repair, it’s common for us to service v ... read more

6 Things Your Car Needs This Winter

DON'T GET LEFT OUT IN THE COLD They’re here! The holidays, that is. For many of us that means a long list full of holiday-related errands, transporting family and friends, maybe even road trips to visit loved ones. Winter weather impacts automobile performance differently than warmer months and special maintenance is often needed to ensure safety and prevent weather-related problems. Whether your plans include out of town travel or driving in and around Portland to take in the sights and sounds of the season, your friends at Sherwood Auto Repair want to be sure you get there safely. As you prepare for the upcoming festivities, take a look at these Six Things Your Car Needs to be sure you’ve crossed all the important “to-do’s” off your list. LET'S BREAK IT DOWN 1. Belts & Hoses - Did you know belt or hose failure is the #1 cause of breakdowns? Belts and hoses have a finite life. Changes in temperatures are hard on rubber parts because the ... read more