Caring For Our Community

The Season Of Giving Sherwood Auto Repair is a family-owned business. We live and work in the area and feel it’s important to support causes that help strengthen our community. In the spirit of giving, we’d like to share some of the organizations we support and encourage you to join us in caring for our community. Giving Time, Talent, and Treasure Non-profit organizations welcome financial contributions, but you don’t have to donate money to support your favorite cause. Goods or services are often needed by charitable groups, and volunteering is another great way to help. Find a cause you care about and give them a call. They’ll be happy to share opportunities with you and let you know how you can help. PCC Automotive Department Throughout the year Sherwood Auto Repair holds a position on the advisory board of the PCC Automotive Department. In this program we help t ... read more

Top 5 Winter Weather Driving Tips

It seems like just yesterday Portlanders were complaining about the heat, seeking any indoor, air-conditioned activities we could find to keep the family happy and cool. Now that we’ve adjusted to the crisp air and oohed and aahed at the beautiful fall foliage, it’s time to clean out the fireplace, check the heater, winterize our vehicles, and prepare for another Pacific Northwest winter. Keep Your Cool Whether you’re planning a road trip over the holidays or simply driving friends and family around town, remember that winter weather impacts automobile performance differently than the heat. It also impacts how we drive, which is why we’re sharing our Top 5 Winter Weather Driving Tips: Tip #1: See Your Tank As Half-Full There are lots of things you’d rather be doing than waiting in a freezing car for help. In the winter, it’s a good idea to always keep your tank at least half full. Tip #2: Slow and Steady Every gr ... read more

October Is Fall Car Care Month: Care For A Special?

Before we all get funnelled into the fast lane in the race toward the winter holidays, Sherwood Auto Repair and our friends at the Car Care Council ( want to remind drivers not to forget about car care. October is Fall Car Care Month for good reason -- as temperatures begin to drop after our warm summer months, cars need to recover from the heat and be properly prepared for the cooler weather. “The last thing any driver needs is a vehicle that breaks down in cold, harsh winter weather. Winter magnifies existing problems like hard starts, sluggish performance and rough idling. Whether you perform the check or maintenance yourself or go to the repair shop, it’s a small investment of time and money to ensure peace of mind, and help avoid the cost and hassle of a breakdown during severe weather.” --Rich White, Car Care Council Executive Director While you prepare for the pumpkin/candy/turkey ... read more

Think You’re A Car Expert? Let’s Find Out!

Think You’re A Car Expert? Let’s Find Out!

Many of our readers got a kick out of our post, 10 Strange But True Facts About Cars, so we thought you might enjoy testing (or expanding) your knowledge about cars. Lots of people like cars. But are you a true autophile? Autophiles are car enthusiasts and tend to know a lot about cars. Not to be confused with audiophile--one who is particularly interested in high-quality sound reproduction--though there’s no reason you can’t be both! Here are some fascinating facts about cars. See how many you know before scrolling down to get the answers. 1. Cars can come with any number of features, but for a decade, one actually came with a picnic table. Do you know which one? 2. Many cars come with navigation systems these days. One car company has raised the bar by offering drivers cutting edge technology (a Multi-Media Interface, or MMI). It does a lot of fancy things, including the ability to experienc ... read more

Back To School Car Care Tips: Can You Pass Our Pop Quiz?

It’s that special time of year when we say “so long” to summer and begin looking forward to our beautiful autumn season ahead. Before you proudly watch as your dedicated offspring recommit to achieving their academic goals, we’ve put together a special Pop Quiz to share with them. These examples of just how NOT to care for your car are based on (embarrassingly) TRUE experiences. We hope the stories spark conversation and help your young adults learn the right way to maintain a vehicle and stay safe. Bad Habits 101, A Refresher Ever cram for a test at the last minute only to realize if you’d have started earlier and worked a little at a time you’d have done way better? A key to living a great life is developing good habits. College is an ideal time to reassess what you used to do as a kid and decide the kind of adult you’d like to be. You’re young enough to adjust course and redefine your approach to health, homework, relationships, cleanliness ... read more