Family Fun From Your Friends At Sherwood Auto Repair

July is a special time of year for many of us. It’s sandwiched perfectly between the month spent wrapping up one school year, and the month during which we busily prepare for another. July epitomizes the season, reminding us of all the great things we love about summer: fireworks, barbecues, festivals, swimming, parks, beaches, camping, long days and starry nights. Sherwood Auto Repair is a family-run business that’s been a part of this community since 1986. Our families have grown up together. Over our 30+ years here tiny people who once toddled around our lobby have grown into customers with cars and families of their own. We love being longtime Sherwood residents and are taking this opportunity to share several wonderful activities happening over the next few weeks right here in our own community. Links provided offer complete event details. July 5-15: Miniature Castle ... read more

Take Your Car For A Ride: 6 Great Day Trips From Portland

The beach, the mountains, the waterfalls, the breweries -- who says you can’t have it all? Pacific Northwest residents know how fortunate we are to have access to so many amazing places and activities. During the summer we share our glorious part of the country with tourists, many of whom are discovering the wonders of the region for the first time. Long-time locals and first-time visitors venture out together and explore all the parks, fests, concerts, sports, and outdoor activities that make summer in Portland spectacular. Plan, Schman. Get In Your Car And Drive. What makes Portland so ideally situated is the sheer number of things we can do within a day’s drive. Summer is the perfect time to throw the cooler in the car, pop in your favorite tunes, and head out for a day trip. So, whether you’re here for a visit and want to pack in as much as possible, or you just want to fill your time off with one-day adventures, here are six great ... read more

8 Car “Tips” That Are Actually Myths

Most of us can recall a few well-intended “tips” we were told by friends or family members when we were younger. We may have even assumed they were true, partly because they were imparted with such authority, and partly because we had no reason to doubt them. Here are a few gems that might sound familiar: Don’t sit too close to the TV -- it’ll ruin your eyesight If you touch a toad you’ll get warts If you swallow gum it stays in your body for 7 years Our family pet went to live on a farm where it has lots of space to run and play It seems like even as adults we can use the reminder that just because someone says something, it doesn’t mean it’s true. If only that were the case! (Though Sherwood Auto Repair does have the most attractive customers of any Portland area auto shop). When it comes to car care, some of the myths we’ve been told are just plain false, while others are simply outdated. Myth #1: Take ... read more

Need Auto Repair? 7 Ways To Avoid Being Fooled This April

Need Auto Repair? 7 Ways To Avoid Being Fooled This April

Fooling Around April Fool’s Day offers endless opportunities to laugh at the expense of others. For co-workers, there’s the old “put a piece of tape over the optical sensor on their computer mouse” trick. (Tip for parents -- this works equally well on game and tv remotes!) Or, try this two-fer: Ask to take a look at someone’s cell phone because you’re thinking about getting that model and then quickly set an alarm and change the language. And here’s one for those who prefer to prank in public. Run into a store and yell, “what year is it?” When someone answers, reply gleefully, “It worked!” and run away. Car Care Is No Joke April also happens to be National Car Care Awareness Month. All joking aside, your car is a valuable investment so it makes sense to take precautions when selecting the right shop. And the fact is not all auto shops are created equal ... read more

Easy Car Customizations That Suit Your Lifestyle

Cars Are More Than People-Movers Cars are much more than people-movers that get us from point A to point B. Sure, we use them for work or school commutes, road trips, and hauling groceries and household goods. But a car is more than that. For some of us, they serve as a mobile office (with stacks of cards, flyers, and folders to prove it). Our vehicles can transport bikes and other sporting equipment, and often hold an extra gym bag for last-minute workouts. Some people store beach mats or rubber boots and umbrellas, preparing for spontaneous getaways or sudden changes in weather. Others like to keep books and an extra pair of reading glasses in case the sun makes an unexpected appearance and there’s time for a break at a favorite park. Pimping Your Ride No matter how you use your car, there are lots of ways to personalize it to make it more “you”. Here are a few inexpensive customization options that can add functionality and even a t ... read more