Spring Break Fun – Cool And Unusual Oregon Sites To Visit

Spring Break. Remember the anticipation and excitement around these two words when you were a kid in school? Spring break meant fun, possible adventure, and no homework! Well whether you’ve got kiddos of your own or not, we still think spring break is the perfect time for a little adventure and, at the very least, a break from the norm. So, we’ve rounded up a few of the more off-beat attractions our very own state has to offer – all within driving distance! Thor’s Well – Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, Oregon Coast Ok, just the name alone is pretty awesome, but to see this natural wonder up close and in person is something else. Also known as the drainpipe of the Pacific, Thor’s Well is a gaping and seemingly bottomless sinkhole perpetually swallowing up the seawater around it. Of course, it’s not really bottomless – it’s only around twenty feet deep – b ... read more

Car Love 101: Little Things Matter

Ah, February, the month of hearts and flowers, chocolate, romantic dinners, and cupid’s arrows. Well, that’s the Hallmark Valentine version anyway. Not that we have anything against Valentine’s Day or any of its traditions, quite the opposite, in fact.  Wouldn’t you agree, though, that it’s really the little things throughout the year that make the difference, not the grand gesture once a year? Well, the same holds true for how you care for your automobile! When you take care of your vehicle regularly, showing a little love with the little things that matter, your car will drive better, last longer and reward you with lower maintenance bills in the long run. If you’re a bit out of practice with car love, here’s a quick lesson! Buy your car a drink. That’s right, cars get thirsty too, and not just when they run low on fuel. When was the last time you checked or replaced the rest of your car’s fluids? Oil, transmission, steer ... read more

Top New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car

Top New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car

Happy New Year! Have you got any resolutions or are you the type to eschew such “nonsense” and already lead your best life every day? We like celebrating a fresh start and have to admit, there is something a little exciting and motivating about the new year, but we are also of the mind that good habits should be followed all year long and it doesn’t matter when you start! Whether you are in the habit of making resolutions every January or not, here are a few resolutions for your car we think are tops and are also pretty easy to stick too. Resolution #1 Get in the habit of a regular maintenance schedule. Kind of like sticking to a regular exercise routine, regular maintenance will help keep your car running smoothly. Good maintenance habits can also extend the life of your vehicle, well beyond the average defined life of 100,000 miles. Today's vehicles are capable of easily twice that mileage with a moderate maintenance schedule and services. Just like o ... read more

Car Essentials To Get You Through The Holidays And Beyond

Does your family debate the official start of the holiday season?  For some, it starts as early as the first signs of Halloween. For others, Thanksgiving is the kick-off. Retailers might argue the holidays actually begin in July when Christmas seems to hit store shelves. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of holiday traditions, one thing is certain – with the holidays come lots of trips in the car. Trips to the store, trips to the mall; trips to the airport, across town or across the state. While we may not all agree on the official start and stop of the holiday season, we can agree that if winter hasn’t hit yet, it is just around the corner. Which is why the holidays are actually the best time to think about getting your car ready for the wintery weather and road conditions that are sure to come.  To help you out, here’s a quick winter essentials checklist for your vehicle. Top 5 Car Essentials Checklist for Winter ... read more

Debunking Car Maintenance Myths – What Your Car Really Needs And When

Do you remember the thrill of owning your first car or truck? Maybe you bought it, maybe it was a hand-me-down from a family member; either way it was yours. Do you also remember the carload of advice on how to care for your beloved auto? Certain car “truths” were probably drilled into your head like changing the oil every 3,000 miles, along with the coolant fluids; replacing all four tires at once, warming up the engine before driving, or rolling down the windows instead of using the AC for better fuel economy. You may have also been told you had better have your car serviced by the dealer or your warranty could be null and void. Well times have changed and so have cars, and whatever you may have been told in the past, your optimal car maintenance schedule… well, it’s probably not what you’ve long held to be true. So, we’d like to share some practical advice and what a realistic maintenance schedule looks like for today’s cars if you want to get 100,000 miles ... read more