Hybrid Services

Portland Hybrid Car Repair

We have been repairing Hybrid cars in the Portland area for nearly three years.

From an oil change to a new Hybrid battery replacement, trans-axle or full rebuild, trust our trained Portland hybrid car repair professionals to take care of it for you.

Staying Green

Sherwood Auto Repair is committed to helping protect our environment. And that means not only recycling all oils and fluids, but also taking care of your hybrid. Our technicians are specifically trained to care for your Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Ford, Mercury or any other hybrid vehicle.

Under Warranty? Maintenance Is Covered

Because of our exceptional hybrid training, we perform required tune-ups and auto maintenance — such as oil filter changes, brake checks — for hybrid vehicles even under warranty. Sherwood Auto Repair technicians are also trained to diagnose and repair mechanical problems, but not under warranty. If your hybrid cars needs repair and is still under warranty, it’s best to take it to the dealership.

Signs Your Hybrid Needs Service

Hybrids need many of the same maintenance care that gasoline-powered vehicles do, such as for steering and suspension, tires, and brakes. But hybrid vehicles also need additional care. Here are some of the services Sherwood HYBRID Auto Repair performs:

  • Brake fluid check and brake efficiency check

  • Inverter and transmission cooling system check

  • Rear end oil change, if needed

  • High voltage battery check if needed

  • High voltage connections check

  • All of our hybrid services meet manufacturers’ recommendations. Check your owner’s manual for your vehicles specific automotive maintenance needs and call Sherwood Auto Repair for an appointment.

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