Does your Car Need a New Battery?

Batteries only last so long. If your battery needs replacing, Sherwood will recycle your old battery and install a new, high-quality Interstate or NAPA-brand battery.


  • NAPA and Interstate warranty policy covers 60 months.

  • Sherwood Auto Repair offers 18-month free replacement period

  • Sherwood Auto Repair offers a pro-rated warranty for the life of the battery

  • For any warranty service, just return the battery to Sherwood Auto Repair or, for Interstate batteries, call the toll-free number located on the battery for the nearest location for service.

Battery Corrosion Protection Service

Many battery problems can be traced to poor connections and/or excessive corrosion build up on the battery posts. At Sherwood Auto Repair, our trained ASE-certified technicians will:

  • Clean the battery terminals

  • Remove the corrosion

  • Apply an anti-corrosion spray to prevent any further build up.

This service combined with a new Interstate battery is a simple and efficient way to insure starts in any weather.

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